Sports injury rehabilitation

A complex and multifaceted arena of musculoskeletal medicine, injuries acquired through sporting activity account for over 5% of presentation to General Practitioners in Australia.  Knee, shoulder and ankle injuries account for the majority of these cases.


Australian sports are particular well suited to providing a steady influx of patients to doctors and physiotherapists alike.  Netball and Australian Rules Football seem almost perfectly designed to injure knees and ankles whilst our beach and swimming lifestyle work wonders to supply us with a steady supply of damaged shoulders.


All classes at Kingsley Studio are designed by the physiotherapists at Kingsley Physiotherapy and overseen by the doctors at Kingsley Medical.


Rehabilitation programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual and are sports specific.  From golf, to tennis, to running and ballet, sessions are available to optimise recovery and return to your sport.  Programs cater for both adults and children.


Rehabilitation requires a sound understanding of sports specific biomechanics, exercise physiology and pathophysiology.  Our Physiotherapists undergo weekly professional development and up-skilling to integrate appropriate medical, manual and exercise rehabilitation strategies.


Patients are assessed by one of our musculoskeletal physiotherapists to determine sports specific goals and exercise requirements. To learn more about Kingsley Studio’s classes for Sports Injury rehabilitation click here.