Spinal pain rehabilitation

Spinal pain, be it degenerative, inflammatory or traumatic is a complex and multifactorial condition affecting the vast majority of Australian adults during their lifetime.  Early and accurate diagnosis is essential and sadly often delayed or lacking.  Medicare is burdened by the unnecessary referral of patients for radiographic imaging or to ‘alternative’ health care providers.


The key to successfully managing spinal pain is:

  • Early and accurate diagnosis by competent and trained health care professionals
  • Appropriate medication prescription
  • Avoidance of bed rest and timely prescription of appropriate and progressive exercises
  • An appreciation of spinal mechanics and ergonomics
  • A holistic understanding of the impact of spinal injury on the individual work, domestic and recreational requirements of each individual.


Kingsley Studio in association with the doctors at Kingsley Medical and the therapists at Kingsley Physiotherapy amalgamate the latest pharmacological, manual therapy and exercise -based protocols to optimize patient outcomes.


Small and large group rehabilitation classes as well as one-on-one sessions are coordinated with appropriate medical and manual therapies. Rehabilitation classes focus on body awareness, spinal mobility, core strengthening and postural control.


Patients are assessed by one of our musculoskeletal physiotherapists to establish their goals and determine the most suitable class setting to best address their needs.  For more information and to learn more about Kingsley Studio’s classes for Spinal rehabilitation click here.