Pilates mat classes

A great way to improve spinal strength, flexibility, posture and fitness. “Mat classes” incorporate the most up-to-date use of Pilates principles to maximise core strength and stabilisation whilst optimizing flexibility and posture.



Beginners – A gentle class suitable for seniors and those who have been more sedentary.  A great way to begin your Pilates experience. This class focuses on body awareness, breathing, improving joint mobility, general strength and balance.

Intermediate – A class suitable for beginners and intermediate level participants who want to extend their skills and strength.  Incorporating postural awareness and function, flexibility, core control and higher level balance exercises.

Advanced – A high intensity ‘mat class’ for those participants who are pain-free and are seeking a more challenging session.  This class incorporates advanced core strengthening and body conditioning.  Ideal for prevention of spinal pain, general fitness and flexibility.

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