Osteoporosis classes

Osteoporosis is thought to affect up 30% of post-menopausal women.  Men are also affected by this condition that results in progressive weakening of the bones and increased likelihood of fracture, spinal pain and immobility.


Although diets high in Vitamin D and calcium are recommended for people with osteoporosis, this alone has negligible impact on improving bone mineral density.  Exercise is the cornerstone in managing osteoporosis.


Kingsley studio offers both individual as well as small groups (2-3 participants) and large classes (4 to 10 participants) targeting both weight-bearing and resistance exercises, as flexibility, falls prevention, posture and cardiovascular exercises.


Participants are assessed by a physiotherapist at Kingsley Physiotherapy prior to commencing individual or ‘small-class’ work.  Your medication requirements may be assessed by a doctor at Kingsley Medical to optimise your management.


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