Small Group Stroke Rehabilitation

Class of 2 to 3 people designed for stroke survivors who still require hands-on assistance for some of their rehabilitation but can perform some therapy tasks independently and semi-supervised. Individualised therapy which can focus on any therapy goal, performed with a small group (1 hour).

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Stroke Rehabilitation Circuit Class

Circuit class for 6 to 8 people with eight to ten work stations focused on walking, balance and leg strength. Each station has a variety exercise options that are customised to the individual’s capabilities (1 hour).

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Balance Training Circuit Class

Circuit class for 6 to 8 participants. Suitable for people with ongoing balance and vestibular issues including high level balance and vestibular exercises (1 hour).

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Falls Prevention Class

Group class for 6 to 8 people. Suitable for older adults who have fallen or worry about falling. Exercises aimed at strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, fitness and confidence. Suitable for people with walking aids (1 hour).

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Parkinson’s Disease Circuit Class

Group class for 6 to 8 people with Parkinson’s Disease. The circuit class includes 8 to 10 stations with tasks focused on power, coordination, balance, agility, functional tasks and flexibility. Tasks are individualised to each participant (1 hour).

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