What is Pilates?

pilates1Pilates is a form of exercise that utilises the deep stabilizing muscles of the trunk and pelvic floor. It incorporates diaphragmatic breathing to enhance optimal efficiency of movement throughout the body.


Pilates exercises are designed to improve posture and body awareness, flexibility, ‘spinal articulation’ (fluid movement between each region of the spine), general strength and conditioning, core control, movement integration (reducing stress through weight-bearing joints), coordination and balance.


pilates2These skills ‘flow over’ into every day life – leading to functional improvements (no more avoiding house-work), advance in sporting and exercise pursuits and reduced injury occurrence.  Through the principles of ‘neuromuscular re-education’ (a fancy term describing the coordination of mind and body) ease of movement is restored and pain is reduced.


So what does this all mean to you? Research has demonstrated the effect of the Pilates principles to:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce spinal pain
  • Develop and support posture
  • Improve posture-related aches and pains
  • Contribute to weight loss
  • Prevent reoccurrence of spinal and peripheral joint pain
  • Decrease need for oral analgesia.


Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists?

science-behind-our-carPhysiotherapists are university trained in the disciplines of anatomy, biomechanics, rheumatology, radiology, physiology and pathology.  They are uniquely positioned to assess, diagnose and treat an array of musculoskeletal pathologies. With their background in injury prevention physiotherapists can optimize both manual therapies and exercise based rehabilitation ideologies from a wealth of evidence-based and peer-reviewed research.


The Physiotherapists at Kingsley Studio work closely with the musculoskeletal and spinal doctors at Kingsley Medical to integrate rehabilitation principals with medical, surgical and prolotherapy treatments.  For more information on these treatments click here.


What is Polestar Pilates?

A leading, internationally recognised Pilates training programme for health professionals – the pinnacle in Pilates rehabilitation science.  Click here for more information.


Who is suitable?

suitableKingsley Studio has designed programmes for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.  Click on any of the links opposite to see more information.


Additionally we offer generalised Pilates ‘Mat’ and equipment-based (reformer, trapeze table etc) studio sessions in both a one-one-one, small group (2 to 3) and large class (4 to 10) format.


We cater for ages adolescent to over-80’s and all levels of fitness.


Can’t find a class that suits you?

Contact our physiotherapists directly to arrange an individualised assessment and exercise programme.  Click here to contact our physiotherapy staff or call 9409 1676.


What do I need to bring?

A willingness to learn and make mistakes is essential.  The ability to laugh with others is a bonus.  In addition, we suggest you bring:

  • A water bottle
  • Towel
  • Loose, comfortable clothing


For ‘Mat’ and ‘equipment classes’, we also suggest you wear appropriate ‘Pilates socks’ for extra grip – it is optional but makes life a whole lot easier. To purchase ‘Pilates socks’ click here.


How much does it cost?

Because our programmes are developed and implemented by physiotherapists, the cost of all ‘one-on-one’ and ‘group-based’ sessions can be claimed through your private health insurer.  Click here for a full list of our fees.


The cost of all of our programmes for ‘workers compensation’ and ‘motor vehicle accident’ are also covered if patients are provided with a suitable referral from your General Practitioner or Specialist.


Aged pensioners are offered a discounted fee. Click here for a full list of our fees.