About Us

How we differ

how-we-differAt Kingsley Studio all classes and rehabilitation programs are conducted by physiotherapists (not exercise physiologists) in conjunction with the musculoskeletal doctors at Kingsley Medical.  Our Physiotherapists design and implement each teaching session and liaise with your referring doctor, rheumatologist, or orthopaedic surgeon to coordinate and time your recovery with necessary medical and manual treatments.


Small groups (2 to 4) and large classes (5 to 10) are offered for a variety of common musculoskeletal conditions.


With a range of diagnostically formatted classes, Kingsley Studio provides a unique array of physiologically based programmes to suit individuals and small classes.  Kingsley Studio also offers a number of generalized strengthening, flexibility and Pilates sessions for beginners through to high performance athletes – from teenagers to those over-80, there is a tailored exercise programme to suit.


Please email us if you require any further information on the services offered at Kingsley Studio.


The science behind our care

science-behind-our-carPhysiotherapists are university trained in the disciplines of anatomy, biomechanics, rheumatology, radiology, physiology and pathology.  They are uniquely positioned to assess, diagnose and treat an array of musculoskeletal pathologies. With their background in injury prevention physiotherapists can optimize both manual therapies and exercise based rehabilitation ideologies from a wealth of evidence-based and peer-reviewed research.


The Physiotherapists at Kingsley Studio work closely with the musculoskeletal and spinal doctors at Kingsley Medical to integrate rehabilitation principals with medical, surgical and prolotherapy treatments.  For more information on these treatments click here.



equipment1At Kingsley Studio we utilise the latest spring loaded “Balanced Body” Pilates equipment to assist with your rehabilitation goals.  This specialised equipment allows for the progressive modification of exercises for all ages and fitness levels.


equipment2All physiotherapists at Kingsley Studio are ‘Polestar Pilates’ trained and undergo weekly education and professional development to maintain knowledge in exercise and manual rehabilitation strategies.




Kingsley Studio provides a comfortable, stylish and state-of-the-art facility for participants.  Plentiful parking and change room facilities are available.


Fees and Health Insurance Rebates

Because our programmes are developed and implemented by physiotherapists, the cost of all ‘one-on-one’ and ‘group-based’ sessions can be claimed through your private health insurer.  Click here for a full list of our fees.


The cost of all of our programmes for ‘workers compensation’ and ‘motor vehicle accident’ are also covered if patients are provided with a suitable referral from your General Practitioner or Specialist.


Aged pensioners are offered a discounted fee. Click here for a full list of our fees.


Your physiotherapists

Ms Tara Willams – Physiotherapist, rehabilitation and Pilates instructor

Ms Kahlia Fergusson – Physiotherapist, rehabilitation and Pilates instructor

Jacey Kraut – Neurological rehabilitation physiotherapist

Katherine Melanko – Physiotherapist, rehabilitation and Pilates instructor

Mr Josh Clark – Physiotherapist, Sports Scientist and rehabilitation instructor

Dr Andrew Thompson – Physiotherapist and General Practitioner